Our hard working sales department
understands that a customer does not
have the time to wait for a quote. We are proud of the fact that most quotes are
completed and turned around within

If needed, an appointment can be made
to discuss a project prior to the quoting
process. This allows for a Sales Engineer
to review all aspects of the manufacturing
process and reduce costly design issues.

Many of our customers take advantage of our "Rapid Response" program. This program
allows our clients to place orders foregoing the quoting process. These projects are
typically completed within days and allow Axis to invoice for services based on "time
and material." Call our Sales department today at 978-275-9908 for more information.


Axis Technologies, Inc. 39 Wilbur Street, Lowell, MA 01851
Tel: 978-275-9908 Fax: 978-275-1922 mzapolski@axistechnologiesinc.com

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