I appreciate the responsiveness of all of you. Eight months ago, no one here
would have believed that we could implement a Rapid Response Program as
successfully as we have. Our engineering projects like the XXX are proof that we
can develop complex products in a very short amount of time. All of you have
emerged to become critical compoments to that success. We have challenged
all of our vendors to a new level of excellence, and all of you have responded
enthusiastically. Please continue to keep up the good work.


"Thank you for interrupting your previously scheduled work to rework that end
panel for us" It was short notice and critical, and as you have done in the past,
you did a fantastic job. The part was accurate and did it's job flawlessly.

–Herb M.

How is it that you guys can manage to deliver parts to us before I get quotes back
from other vendors?!

–Pete H.


Axis Technologies, Inc. 39 Wilbur Street, Lowell, MA 01851
Tel: 978-275-9908 Fax: 978-275-1922 mzapolski@axistechnologiesinc.com

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